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Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center  v.6.1.6965

Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1.6965 is created to be a simple to use yet ideal application which is designed to set up new partnerships, synchronize content and manage music, pictures and video with Windows Mobile powered devices (Windows

Windows Mobile Device Center  v.6.1

This new version of the Windows Mobile Device Center contains key improvements and new features to support Windows Mobile 6 devices. The Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 is only supported on Windows Vista. Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 for

Mobiwee Remote Access to your Mobile Device  v.1.1

The collaboration services (Contact Manager, File Manager, SMS Manager, Email setup, Favorites Importer, Speed Dial, Call Forwarding and Application Installation Manager) appeal to consumers prosumers looking for a free, convenient way to personalize

BlockGame for J2ME enabled mobile device  v.1.3

BlockGame, a game for colour J2ME enabled mobile phones. Based on Netscape's online Block Breaker. Surprisingly

Tab View for Mobile device  v.1.0

Here we are going to implement a tab view for mobile devices using J2ME platform..We have done a lot of the project.. this is a small project in fact..Please cooperate with us

Mobile Device Tools  v.1.0

These tools, written in J2ME MIDP, run on phones and other small-scale Java devices, to allow software developers understand the particulars of new devices. They quickly uncover aspects such as full class hierarchy, keypad constraints, and general

IGet Mobile for Mac OS  v.2.0.1

A personal server application that allows you to easily and securely access your Mac’s documents and files from your favorite mobile device. It works with any decently web-capable device (including Windows PCs), but

Firefox for Mobile  v.9.0

Take your Firefox anywhere. Firefox for Android is built on the same technology platform as Firefox for desktop computers, just optimized for browsing on a mobile device. Check out the new and improved features, known issues, and frequently-asked

Mobile Email Redirect  v.4.0.4042.30058

When you get a forwarded message from Outlook to your mobile device, are you tired of having to type in the reply address each time you want to reply? Are you wasting precious space seeing all the 'forwarded by' text and seeing your own name in the

Citrix InfoCenter Mobile  v.1.0

By This is the mobile version of our regular InfoCenter tool designed to be used with your Windows Mobile Device. With Citrix InfoCenter Mobile you can quickly find: - Farm Name - Total Presentation Servers - Total Number of Zones - Active Sessions

DockWare for Windows Mobile  v.1

Put your device to work on your desk! Use your pictures as a slide show in the background. Why buy a picture viewer for your mobile device when you can have a personalized clock, calendar and photo viewer all in one with DockWare Pro? Use DockWare

Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM  v.4.0.7333.1676

Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.7333.1676 allows you to access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM data through a Web browser on a mobile device. Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is installed on the server, not on the mobile device, and

OneClick Mobile Video Converter  v.1.5

OneClick Mobile Video Converter is the best software for MP4/3GP file conversion of Mobile device, which designs for anyone who would like to enjoy movies on the Mobile device. With OneClick Mobile Video Converter, the outstanding professional mp4

TimeCard Mobile  v.1.0

With TimeCard Mobile in the handheld device, you can manage your appointments and get them ready for reporting even if you are not working in front of the computer. When you synchronize the calendars in your mobile device and your computer, your

Mobile Egw Timesheet  v.0.0.8

MEGWAT (Mobile EgroupWAre Timesheet) is an app that helps you to keep updated your Egroupware timesheet using your mobile device or PDA. The interface is written using SENCHA TOUCH framework and it's optimized to run Android/iOS and Chrome web

Windows Mobile VLC Remote  v.094

Remote Control VLC Media Player ( from a Windows Mobile Device over LAN. The application requires Windows Mobile 6.x and .NET Compact Framework

Mobile PHP  v.1.0

A package that contains a database and a server which allows you to develop industry php applications from your mobile device!

Mobile BGG Tool  v.1.0

This is a J2ME application for using features of from a mobile device. It is built using the Boardgamegeek XML-API

Mobile Podcast  v.1.0

A Java J2ME utility for downloading podcasts to a Java enabled mobile device or phone. A must have for podcast lovers on the go. You don't need a computer or a third party web server for downloading your favorite podcast.

Mobile Open Graphic Library(m-openGL)  v.1.0

m-OpenGL is a 2D graphic rendering engine for mobile device. It provide esay interfaces to render SWF and SVG.

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